NCS has long held a reputation for being an honest, ethical and reliable business partner. This reputation is at the core of NCS’s business success and likewise our values are central to our reputation. Our values dictate the way we do business both at an operational and strategic level. Irrespective of qualification, job title, or work site, the NCS values apply to everyone on the NCS team.


  1. Safety First
  2. Honesty & Loyalty
  3. Respect
  4. Fairness
  5. Accepting Ownership
  6. Teamwork

Behaviours that promote our values

Safety First

  • Think safe, work safe
  • Take ownership and promote safety to others
  • Identify potential risks and hazards, and take action
  • Understand the nature of the risks in your work place and undertake a task only if you feel you are equipped to complete it safely

Honesty and Loyalty

  • Take responsibility for your words and actions
  • Strive for open and factual communication
  • Be realistic about what you are capable of delivering
  • Show real care and understanding to all
  • Give the loyalty you expect to receive


  • Treat others the way you expect to be treated
  • Be aware, accepting and tolerant of the diverse group of people, cultures and environment in which you work
  • Understand the laws and regulations under which we operate our business


  • Consider the reasons behind the actions and verify the facts before making decisions
  • Equality means that the one set of rules apply to everyone
  • Be consistent with your decisions and actions
  • Be timely with your actions and responses

Accepting Ownership

  • Be responsible, professional, committed and accountable
  • Take pride in our business and your role in it
  • Communicate openly and with respect
  • Be creative, innovative and flexible to change


  • Work together to achieve our common goals
  • Tolerate and understand cultural differences
  • Encourage participation
  • Build unity and confidence in ourselves, each other and what we do
  • Encourage communication, participation and consider opinions with respect
  • Strive toward continual improvement and learning
  • Communicate, celebrate and reward
  • Take PRIDE: Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence